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Reverend Billy J Bailey is committed to bringing a new direction and a new vision to Tennessee's House District 12, if elected to serve, as the first Democrat to win in more than two decades.

Reverend Billy J Bailey was born on February 7, 1990 to two loving parents who couldn't wait to greet their new baby. Tragedy quickly struck with the grim diagnosis of a rare liver disease that threatened Billy's very existence. It was through the prayer and determination of Billy's parents that Billy is alive today. Even the surgeon who cared for him during his darkest hours said Billy's situation was nothing short of a miracle and could not be explained.

Billy grew up being taught to chase his dreams and shoot for the stars. As some of his earliest childhood memories, he can remember being asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. Very quickly, Billy responded with "President." Now, most children say this and move on to become a police officer, firefighter, business leader, manager, server, and much more. Billy, however, never forgot his dream of becoming President someday.

Billy first became acquainted with politics during the 2000 Presidential Election between Republican Governor, George W. Bush, and Democratic Vice President, Al Gore. We all remember how that election ended - more people voting for Gore, but Bush being awarded the Presidency due to multiple recounts in the State of Florida.

Billy got involved in Debate Club in Middle School and served as the face of the Democratic Party for his Middle School, debating on behalf of Democratic Senator John Kerry in a mock debate in 8th Grade. Billy won.

Since that time, Billy has been involved in over twelve political campaigns, working hard to see his candidate win. In almost every case, the candidate of Billy's choice won. When asked about his campaign for State Representative in House District 12, Billy said, "It's so unique, because I'm used to knocking on doors, making phone calls, and attending events to see others win. Now it's my name on the ballot. I just want to run this campaign in a way that shows people you can be in politics and not be a bad person or throw mud or put others down. I'm not running against anyone. Instead, I'm looking for the opportunity to work for everyone, not just the wealthy, powerful, or politically connected. I want to show my Republican friends and colleagues that I will be just as good for them as I will my Democratic friends and allies. Together, we can accomplish so much to make Tennessee a beacon to every state in the Union."




When voting for your choice for State Representative, you want a candidate who will fight for the things that matter most to you. Reverend Billy J Bailey has made a vow to be on your side and see to it that all Tennesseans are afforded the same rights and freedoms.


Since the inception of the Affordable Care Act, the number of uninsured Tennesseans dropped by 28%.

We can all agree the Affordable Care Act is far from perfect and is not without error. As such, it is our responsibility to further improve the healthcare situation, not follow the path of the Republicans and end access to healthcare for millions.

I will work to secure a single-payer healthcare system for all Tennesseans that provide each individual the quality healthcare they deserve, because no one should have to choose between receiving the care they need and keeping the lights on or food in the fridge.


On January 17, Education Week released their report ranking the education of each state of the Union, including the District of Columbia.

Tennessee was ranked 37th out of 51 with an overall score of 70.8 out of 100. In providing a Chance for Success, Tennessee ranked 39th and ranked 43rd in School Finance.

We can and must do better than this!

We are going to shift from focusing our conversation on what administrators are wanting to see to what teachers are seeing and hearing every day. It is these brave individuals who are piloting the course for our next generation of leaders.

We are going to overhaul our educational structure in both K-12 as well as in higher education and make college affordability more than a talking point. We are going to make it a reality.


According to the United States Census Bureau, the median income for workers in the United States in 2016 was $59,039, while the median income for workers in the State of Tennessee was only at $46,574 according to the same report, that's about $1038 less per month.

Not only do Tennesseans make less, on average, compared to workers across the country, workers in House District 12 are at an even bigger disadvantage, bringing in a median income of only $42,586, almost $1,400 less per month than the workers across the country.

We need to work hard to raise wages for our workers so an individual working 40 hours per week doesn't have to know what it's like to live in poverty.


With just under 100,000 citizens in Sevier County, it should cause us deep agony and pain knowing that approximately 15,000 are living in conditions of poverty, yet the housing situation in Sevier County is lacking.

I will work with the leaders of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and Seymour to ensure we have housing opportunities for those who need it most.

Our goal is to migrate short-term renters from hotel rooms with no kitchens and no long-term sustainability to housing options that provide the sleeping arrangements necessary to raise a family, provide privacy, and help these individuals get back on track.


In addition to the housing situation, transportation is another key area in which our community is lacking and provides suffering to the least fortunate among us.

We should never be decreasing our public transportation services. Rather, we should consistently be finding ways to improve, encourage, and empower those in our community whose only method of transportation is carpooling, cycling, and walking to have a way to reach their place of employment and not be exhausted while still keeping their dignity in tact.

I will work with our Fun Time Trolley system to expand routes, times, and opportunities so we help our workers and seniors who rely on this mode of transportation to keep them mobile, independent, and employed.


It's no secret that I believe jobs don't pay enough in wages to keep a family afloat in this county. However, before even looking into the wages they pay, we have to consider the severe lack of employment opportunities outside the tourism industry (restaurants, hotels, entertainment).

We must work to encourage retail stores like Target, the Apple Store, Best Buy, and others to locate a store in Sevier County. 

Additionally, we should be focused on streamlining the hiring process, reducing red tape and ending discrimination in the process by creating a jobs database you apply to only once, remove references to age, gender, skin tone, etc and allow us the golden opportunity to chase King's dream of truly being judged on the content of our character.


I am blessed to call several members of our police force my friends. I know them, their families, and have heard their concerns.

Much like my educational priorities, I will shift my leadership focus from listening to what administrators want to see happen to hearing what our brave men and women who place their lives on the line every single day need to do their job well and with dignity and ease.

Instead of belittling our police force, we should be encouraging them.

However, let it be known we will fight with the fullest extent of our character and being to oppose any form of discrimination or inconsistency.

I will push for full transparency and fairness in all decisions and procedures. No more favors because of who or what you know.


Many people have asked how I feel about certain "hot button" social policies, like abortion or LGBTQ+ rights.

Rather than focus on each individual issue or policy, I felt it would be best to issue a simple blanket statement.

In all matters concerning the governing of the great State of Tennessee, I will pursue the ever-standing notion of what this country was rooted in: the Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, something for every man, woman, boy, and girl.

I will pursue policies that are equal, fair, and do not see one group at an advantage while another suffers, working hard to see that everyone succeeds.

This will ensure that you retain the rights to live your life and enjoy the benefits afforded to you by our veterans who have fought so valiantly and those who have paid the ultimate price to secure these freedoms we hold so dear.


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